Who will be the next queen of Splitsvilla 10?

Splitsvilla 10, one of the most popular show on youth-oriented Indian television Channel, MTV is taking a surprising twist and turns on every weekend.

As in the last week’s episode of Splitsvilla 10, we have seen The Book of fortune had opened for the first time for Amaad and unexpected eliminations had taken place where Reshu and Vanessa evicted from the Show.

In the with next episode promo we have seen that Book of fortune will open again and asked Queen to leave her throne. Will a truly deserving queen Subuhi have to leave her throne?? Or any other surprise will be there? Lots of questions are pumping in the mind of Audience that if Subuhi leaves her crown then Who Will be the next queen of Splitsvilla 10?

Well, Subuhi, the first queen of Splitsvilla10 truly deserves the title, which has proved in the task to become the Second queen of Splitsvilla 10 as she pick off both contenders Vanessa and Mia and again won the Queen’s throne and become the Second queen.

Then after quitting the Queen’s throne according to the Book of Fortune.

Who will be the next Queen of Splitsvilla 10?

Mia? Anuki? Karishma? Sana? Priyanka? Or Subuhi again? Or any other secret hides in the page?

It is going to be very exciting to watch the reactions of the other contestants as well as Subuhi when Sunny Leone open the book of fortune and announce that the Queen have to leave the throne. Will it create lots of drama and fights in the dumping zone?

To know more about the next queen of Splitsvilla 10 watch the Next episode of Splitsvilla 10 on Saturday 7:00 PM or Just stay tuned here we will unfold the secret soon for all Splitsvilla 10 fans.